You Can Reach The Sky

“You Can Reach The Sky” is an immersive theatrical experience for babies aged 2-24 months, or for children with psychomotor and cognitive abilities of up to two years. It follows the journey of a dandelion and its desire to reach the sky. It premiered in 2017 at The Artground’s White Box. Most of the props and set were created using household items. We hope to set an example to parents/carers that it’s possible to engage the baby without the use of technology or store-bought toys. We created “You Can Reach The Sky” because: we want families to go to the theatre together, and to interact with other families regardless of race, religion and social class; and we believe that baby theatre is very useful for a growing baby’s brain, because the theatre environment (which is very unlike their home environment) translates into new data for them. Research has shown that the early years, especially during the first three years of life, are a time of rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development. An immersive theatrical experience encourages appreciation, exploration, self-expression, self-esteem, imagination and creativity. While there have been many baby theatre productions staged overseas to great success, it is a relatively underdeveloped sector in Singapore.

In 2018, “You Can Reach The Sky” was presented in infant care centres and centres for children with special needs. Through these experiences, we saw many centres with parents struggling to pay the subsidized centre fees and some babies facing emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse due to their estranged family situations. This sparked our decision for “You Can Reach The Sky: October 2018 Season of Sharing”. We will be reaching out to various organizations that house low-income families, babies born under the care of underage mothers and estranged families under their care. Examples of these organizations are Help Family Service Centre, AWARE, Single Parent Support Group, PPIS, etc.

Подкрепен от Singapore (September 2018)