Wander Packs

We are currently developing a non-profit with the main idea of enriching families to go explore and wander nature areas. We will also be providing education through workshops and events, and leading volunteers in conservation projects. We are designing an extremely user-friendly website to highlight nature areas and allow people to find the places that best match their needs. We will be launching in early July 2018. Our present focus is on Washtenaw County which is where our passion for nature has grown as well as being our home. One of the most impactful projects that we are working on is Wander Packs. Our Wander Packs are adventure backpacks filled with supplies to enhance children's experiences in nature as well as provide opportunities for education. Our goal is to stock public libraries and schools in Washtenaw County with 2-4 Wander Packs each that they would loan out just as they do books and educational kits. We have contacts at the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation department as well as other local conservation groups that are excited to partner with us in this. We just need to kick-start this amazing project!

Подкрепен от Ann Arbor, MI (August 2018)