Flashed by Sneaky Fitness

Did you know that 48 % of the kids and 45% of the adults who live in Rotterdam exercise too little? We can understand why. We don't like to sport either. Even though we know it is good for our health.

We came up with a fun solution! We believe we can nudge people into exercising and moving just by making it fun to do.

Imagine playing pong by running in front of a screen against someone else somewhere in the Netherlands, be challenged to jump as far as possible by stripes on the sidewalk, or being flashed by a speedcamera which takes a picture if you run fast enough.

We already did our first tests by marking stripes on the floor with the text 'jump'. We found out that 56% of the kids that walked by used the Sneaky Fitness challenge and even 5% of the adults used the intervention. These test results are very promising!

Our dream is to make every inhabitant of Rotterdam move more often every day!

Подкрепен от Rotterdam (June 2018)