KB's Poise Parlor

KB'S Poise Parlor is an idea I came up with in my last year of undergrad that is just coming to life now. My idea is to help young foster girls of color in the pacific northwest express themselves by learning new and healthy ways to care for their hair. Self care is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Feeling a disruption of self expression can bring on cloudy feelings of confusion and loss of identity.
I strive to help each child find the best representation of themselves through hair care. I also find it very important to help their foster parents become educated on healthy hair care routines , and how this can also play into their child's self confidence and identity issues.

The goal is to put on an event in august before the 2018 school year for a group of at least 10 -15 youth. At this event I want youth to receive hair products,a simple hair style and education on the importance of healthy hair.

Подкрепен от Portland, OR (July 2018)