The Aroid Flora of Sibuyan Island, Philippines

My project is about creating a photo-encyclopedia of the different kinds of taro species and its relatives. This book will be comprehensive but easy to understand; English and Filipino translations will be provided for better communication. It will serve as a guide book for the locals, protected area managers, students, professors, and students. The book will showcase about the economic uses of the taro family, such as which taro relatives are poisonous, which part of the plant could be eaten, potential food substitute in case of food shortage, and some awesome plants of the island. Copies will be given to the different municipalities of Sibuyan Island. The book will also showcase the different endemic plants and species of the island, the intact virgin forests, and some of the cleanest rivers of the island - Thus, the area was referred to as the "Galapagos of Asia" by scientists.

Aside from the book, I will be imparting my knowledge by providing a capacity building activity. It will be about the importance of plant conservation in different communities of the island. Proper collection of plants, preservation techniques, and storage/maintenance will also be included. If possible, I would like to initiate the awesome idea of making a museum. I will start creating the botany section of the museum and I will invite different experts like mammalogists, entomologists, and herpetologists to pursue with this initial phase of the project.

Подкрепен от Singapore (July 2018)