Beecuz is a youth-led organization that seeks to develop a future generation of passionate, confident and compassionate people by inspiring critical and creative thinking through education, awareness and design. We believe that everyone has an inherent talent, an authentic personality and the potential to succeed, even if it comes in a unique form. Beecuz uses education, awareness and design to provoke thought and discussion around current social standards while establishing self-efficacy and hope.

Beecuz is founded in three main principles: the power of passion, the art of mastering self-belief and the science of happiness. Through several workshops amongst elementary and high schools in the Kitchener Waterloo region, Lena has been able to share a powerful message with students about overcoming mental illness and utilizing these three philosophies to live a healthier and happier life. As Beecuz expands, Lena hopes to further her public speaking services across the province and create a national youth event. To date, she has been able to connect with over 1,000 students and has made a profoundly positive impact on her peers.

Beecuz also incorporates aspects of design through a clothing line that inspires, challenges and reminds individuals of their values and beliefs. The T-shirts display motivational messages and help spread the word about this movement of mental wellness and self-efficacy.

The Beecuz motto is based on a quote that states that bees are not supposed to fly: their heads are too large for their small wings, which shouldn't be able to keep the bee in the air. However, the bee refuses to accept what it cannot do because it knows its strength. What makes you buzz?

Подкрепен от Kitchener-Waterloo (February 2019)