Painting Rocks in Overtown at Lotus House

Painting Rocks... as we can all agree! Art is one of the best tools used to gather people and build community.

The Lotus House in Miami caters to homeless women and children in need.

I am an artist and founder of Earth Angel Outreach, a non profit organization that helps bring awareness and support to children in need. I have designed a series of Plays and Programs that have been taught in Liberty City, Overtown and throughout Miami in various schools and are now being offered to Lotus House for their children. One of the playful sessions being offered is Painting Rocks on a weekly basis in the garden at Lotus House.

Painting Rocks has been a wonderful tool used to bring people together in a simple way by decorating rocks. These sessions engage children quietly and creatively while opening a window for mothers to relax and socialize with each other. With a little imagination and some paint and glitter, when settled in a safe space, time warps and people connect as they get into their creative zone. A simple concept can become a regular outlet for creativity, ideas, and a force in building new friends. Set outside, Painting Rocks in the garden allows for children to connect with nature and see the relationships between art, nature, and themselves.

I would like to offer Painting Rocks every Friday at Lotus House. This would be a class setting that would encourage mothers and children to paint and create together. All supplies and tools will be made available with ample time and assistance to make mini paintings on various size and shape rocks. Many rocks become part of a collection that is being recycled back into the community.

Painting Rocks has been a regular Friday night pop-up where people have been supporting the effort to allow the children to paint for free. Each session lasts for 2 hours and costs approx. $100 per session with all supplies, materials including aprons, brushes, paint, glitter, rocks and more for up to 20 people.

Подкрепен от Miami, FL (July 2018)