The Big Hug Box

My idea for the Big Hug Box came after having being diagnosed with a rare and malignant cancer in 2015, just 3 months after my second daughter Lara was born. Alot of family and friends didn´t know what to say or do so I thought I would create the Big Hug Box to not only help cancer patients, but also their family and friends to feel like they were helping in a difficult time.

The Big Hug Box is a brand new charity whose sets out to make cancer patients journeys a little more bearable. Filled with products that are sourced from small business in Newcastle (as much as possible), chosen for being as natural and organic as possible, I have been working really hard to gain momentum which has begun to get wheels in just the last week or so.

We also encourage random acts of kindness amongst the community by encouraging everyone to buy what we call a RHoK Box (Random Hug of Kindness Box) whereby for $25 community can by a box that will be delivered and given out at random to a patient at the Chris O´Brien Lifehouse in Sydney (where I received my treatment)

And the best part all profits are donated to an organisation called Cure Cancer Australia, funding our youngest and brightest researchers in finding a cure for cancer.

Подкрепен от Newcastle (May 2018)