Bathtub Street Gondola!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an itch in the back of your brain to build something? I spend many nights researching various projects and ideas. Everything from a homemade stick welder to an adult sized big wheels. Once I get a project out of my head and onto paper I can get back to sleep.

Tonight I awoke to the thought of giving people rides in a bathtub down the Embarcadero wearing a traditional gondoliers outfit. I would stand proudly in the back of my tub gondola singing poorly with my wide brimmed hat, striped shirt, and red waist sash. The project would involve acquiring a tub. Then attaching a set of fixed wheels to the front of it, a pair of casters to the back, and a steerable electric motor powered wheel. This would give the feeling of steering a boat. Once the vehicle was operational I would don my traditional gondolier outfit and give people rides.

I would also be thoroughly documenting the build process for posting on Instructables. The sharing of knowledge no matter how obscure or odd it maybe is important. A shared experience allows for easy inspiration of other ideas and projects. I find spending time with people who make awesome things inspires me to make awesome things myself. The documentation of this project I hope will be as much as an inspiration to people as the Bathtub Gonadal. Anyone with the desire to be a bathtub gondoliers will have an easy to follow guide to start them on their quest.

Who am I to bring such an idea into existence? I am a lighting designer and electrician for live performance. More importantly, I am an artist who likes working with friends and coworkers to make awesome sets, props, etc. for theatre and beyond. On a practical note I am a member at the S.F. Techshop and have access to all the tools I would need for bringing forth the Bathtub Gonadal into the world.
Past projects include:
•Building a stick welder from old microwave transformers
•The pocket lawn (an edible wheat grass lawn for your pocket)
•Small vacuum former made from trash(used to make the Pocket lawn)
•Junk metal sculpture
Here is a link to my past instructables.

Thank you for your time.

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