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За Нас

The Madison chapter of the Awesome Foundation is a group of Madisonians who want to further the level of awesomeness in our communities. We meet bi-monthly and distribute six awesome grants annually. Our grants have no strings attached and we expect no return on our investment. We just want to support all things awesome!

Awesome Madison particularly likes smaller, start-up projects that can demonstrate how $1,000 will tip the scales to make the project happen.

We want to know why $1,000 will make a big difference to you. If you’re applying as part of a larger grant, try to find a particular project within the grant that $1,000 could make happen.

We love projects that positively impact lots of people, especially people in Madison, and not just one small group. We want to read about your project and say “Wow, now that is awesome!” and know that we’ll remember your project in the years to come.

When in doubt, apply! The application is simple and there is no limit to how many times you may apply. You may apply here or through our website:

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