Ballet for Black & Brown Bodies

Ballet for Black and Brown Bodies is a class/ workshop series specifically designed to affirm and empower folks of color to explore the technique of ballet. The class features traditional ballet technique taught in a non-traditional manner: set to contemporary tunes, featuring stretching, strengthening, bending, balance, and release in an educational, fun, and supportive environment.

The ballet world has historically lacked diversity and to this day many dancers of color still feel very unwelcome. Our aim is to create a safe, welcoming space for new and experienced dancers to engage with the technique and to unpack and move beyond some of the mainstream narratives that persist around how folks of color can and should move their bodies.

These workshops are healing experiences where participants get to explore the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of dance in a space created by and for them.

Ballet for Black and Brown Bodies was founded by Alyah Baker in January 2017 in Oakland, CA. Over the last 15 months hundreds of students have participated in open community workshops and the more in depth multi week class series offered in studios throughout Oakland.

Ֆինանսավորված Oakland, CA կողմից (May 2018)