Wheelie Good Greenhouse

We are determined to create a Wheelie Good Greenhouse: a mobile infrastructure project where community gardening groups across Melbourne can have temporary access to a greenhouse on wheels. We have designed a greenhouse attached to a trailer which can be easily moved between community gardens so that they can run seed raising workshops, save money by growing their own seedlings and engage more of the local community through greenhouse education events.
One of the problems that community groups face when trying to start and maintain a community garden is the prohibitive cost of providing things like plants. We’ve seen this first hand while working with community groups to build gardens across Melbourne - nearly none of which have access to a permanent greenhouse. There is a huge demand for access to a greenhouse - and this is the idea that can deliver.
This grant could support the construction and use of the Wheelie Good Greenhouse: providing funding to help us build our design. Once complete it will have multiple uses including for garden builds, planting days, workshops, educational sessions, fundraisers and events across Melbourne.

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (March 2018)