Free childcare for filmmakers - Park City

Film festivals are where careers are launched. At top-tier festivals, filmmakers have an opportunity to gain significant exposure, network, build relationships, find collaborators, and distribution. However, traveling to other cities can become challenging with children: finding babysitters, appropriate venues for children to play, etc... And traveling with a nanny quickly becomes prohibitive in terms of cost. As a result, parent-filmmakers miss out on crucial opportunities.

Moms-in-Film is attempting to change that, and make sure that filmmaker-parents can participate fully in the festival experience. We will provide quality care by expert professionals in a venue that is intended for that purpose, with plenty of play-based activities, toys, books, changing tables, and quiet areas for napping. Anyone who has a credit in a film or project at the festival can use our FREE services, whether above or below the line. Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, Makeup Artist, Art Directors, Gaffers, and more.

At SXSW last year, we piloted the Wee Wagon project: a MOBILE childcare unit that was stationed outside the Zach Movie Theater in Austin, TX. The idea is that this mobile unit can also be used on film sets!

However, Park City in January has unpredictable weather, so we could not replicate the program. Instead of our mobile WEE WAGON PROJECT, we are therefore proposing a brick-and-mortar BASECAMP model.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (January 2018)