Lincoln High School Electric Orchestra

I am preparing to start an Electric Orchestra Class at Lincoln HS for the 2018-2019 school year. Today's students are surrounded by technology and I feel that it is important for us, as educators, to meet our students "in the middle." I want to incorporate technology in many aspects of my music program and I believe it will have a significant impact on my students' growth, as it has with many of my colleagues in other areas of the US. Technology and music are very similar in that they are "mysterious" and intrigues kids. Paired together, they create an excitement about music and learning that internally motivates students to succeed.

Through the use of technology and electric instruments, we can expose our students to a greater variety of music genres. "Classical" and pedagogical music that is composed for young musicians is an absolute necessity for any growing musician. However, there is an abundance of music out there today that most orchestra students are not exposed to. America has produced many music genres that are critical to our societal make-up such as Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Country, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, and other niche styles. Our kids are listening to these styles and if we want to create an even deeper appreciation and love for making music, I feel the students need to have opportunities to explore this variety of music. I have found that incorporating popular music into the curriculum in a variety of ways, I have had higher retention rates, better recruitment and a much higher level of success on our "Classical" music. The students are excited about music and now practice more!

With the emergence of performing artists such as Lindsey Stirling, Piano Guys, 2Cellos, Simply Three, etc...the market for string musicians in contemporary music is booming. I believe our Electric Orchestra will bring a new aspect of "string orchestra" to the Tallahassee area for the community to enjoy.

Ֆինանսավորված Tallahassee, FL կողմից (January 2018)