Jawbone Puppet Theater Wondershow & Museum

Goal: create strange and wonderful, unexpected magic in unsuspecting people’s lives. How: 1. construct a temporary puppet theater and gallery out of repurposed junk—old furniture, bamboo, bicycle parts, rusty saws, creepy dolls, bones and other various precious collected garbage, all lashed together with used bicycle inner tubes, 2. hang the beautiful janky gallery with an impressive display of puppets and masks, also made of recycled materials, and 3. present a schedule of quirky, funny, violent, surreal puppet shows with social justice themes at their core, performed by myself and a 10-year-old kid. Where: I approached the folks at the Punk Rock Flea Market, and they would be happy to have us in December. The Punk Rock Flea Market is an ideal venue because they only charge a $1 entrance fee, and loads of people from all walks of life pass through there, many of whom are not necessarily exposed to this kind of experimental theater or garbage art. I want to create art that can be experienced by everyone, not just fancy theater and museum goers. I want to inspire adults and children alike with the strange recycled installation—the weird and beautiful structure, and loads of puppets, all made of garbage, not to mention the edgy, borderline family friendly material, that respects the intelligence of people of all ages. Performances will be on a regular hourly schedule for 2 days. Featured shows include “The Bucket Rider,” based on the short story by Frank Kafka, “Esoteric Toy Dinosaur Theater,” a retelling of wise American folktales as dino stories, “The Life of San Martin de Porres,” a loving portrait of the saint, dealing with racism and hypocrisy in the Catholic Church, and “The Father of Modern Gynecology,” which tells of James Marion Sims, celebrated for accomplishments developed by experimenting cruelly on slaves. I am excited to share thought provoking material with an eclectic public at a hand-made trash theater in an unexpected venue.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (May 2018)