Family Holiday Superbowl

Williamson County Juvenile Services (WCJS) is proud to offer youth not only a safe place for growth, but also a chance to connect with their families and positive influences in their communities. The WCJS Prevention Team works with youth and their families to assist them in repairing family relationships, getting back on track in school, referring to appropriate community supports, helping them identify and explore their passions, and more.

Some youth don’t realize what goals they can achieve until they are working with the probation officers and case managers within the program! The program takes a trauma-informed and trust-based relationship approach to empowering youth, rather than focusing solely on what brought them into contact with the juvenile justice system. We focus on strengths instead of mistakes, while holding youth accountable for their decisions. This project cultivates hope and integrity – giving youth a second chance to use their powers for the forces of virtue in their lives and communities. In an effort to enrich these powers, youth need a support system that recognize these qualities, and a sense of confidence and connection with their families.

The Prevention Team works with families in the community in a variety of capacities, and one of the common threads we see is that families rarely do any type of fun family activities together. Parents are consumed with work, often working multiple jobs to make ends meet, kids are stressed about school and the drama that comes with, and no one seems to make time together a priority. We want to offer the families one day where they can spend time together just enjoying each other, without worrying about the cost.

A $1000 grant from the Austin Awesome Foundation allowed WCJS to host the team's first Family Fun Day in 2017. Families were treated to hours of bowling, a yummy slider buffet, all the cupcakes they could eat, as well as holiday gift cards to take home.

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (November 2017)