Yellow Belles Podcast

Yellow Belles is a podcast with the goal of giving a space for multicultural voices, particularly those of Asian Americans living in Louisville and the south. While hosted by three mostly Korean-American women living and working in Louisville, each host has very different ideas and experiences surrounding race and identity. Through this, we're able to have meaningful conversation and analysis on the Asian-American experience in the South -- an experience with few mainstream platforms. The podcast will explore cultural literacy and experience through discussion, current events, pop culture and interviews.

While non-white media representation is historically lacking, Asian-American voices are even more so -- sparking a current movement to increase visibility and lift voices. We want to be part of this movement and give southern voices a place in it.

Digital media is a great platform to explore human stories. Through this podcast, we're able to not only tell our own stories, but invite others to share theirs and to add insight into the complex topics of race, identity and how we all fit into the world. Potential topics and opportunities include media representation and the growing movement to end whitewashing, the sexualization of both Asian men and women, a feature on Louisville's Crane House, a feature on Korean-American and southern chef Ed Lee and the exploration of major Asian-American populations in the south, such as Atlanta.

Ֆինանսավորված Louisville, KY կողմից (June 2017)