Scents of San Francisco

Create oils and perfumes from SF urban wildflowers and exhibit them.

Using the enfleurage technique
I've collected the scent of local flowers. I would like to take my scent project and begin to collect more locally gathered essences.

I am looking at this work as fine art meeting functional products that tell a story. Color and Scent Alchemy - Localism.

Taking it one step further beyond the enfleurage technique I would like to begin to collect local scents in more complicated ways.

This has led me to the study of distillation

I have sourced several good d.i.y. home scale size safe units on the market that would allow me to collect a wider array of types of smells beyond flowers and leading into leaves/barks/coniferous needles/dry or fresh plant materials and even resins/saps...
I would like to use this unit along with other methods to collect scents from specific areas combined with other media - installation-video- wall based works and sculpture to tell a story related to this scent. I will post scented material request bulletins online and in print in various locations to get locals to participate in the collection
(especially in their own yards and gardens).
There will be a blog, an interactive online map and an art book/look book for the project including a sample of the finished scent. Larger bottles will be available utilizing a hand blown hand etched bottle created by a friend and local glass artist. An opening party for the project would incorporate local foods and locally harvested colors via locally sourced and sustainably harvested plant dyes.

Eco scent and color magic -
visual art and a collectible beautiful special and rare product/art piece.

Ֆինանսավորված San Francisco, CA կողմից (February 2012)