Coming ashore Spring 2017! My name is Kimberly Gunn, and I've recently designed and officially registered the "Annapolis Royal 2017 Celebration Tartan".

In anticipation of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, Annapolis Royal now has a celebration tartan of its very own. Designed locally with the intention of creating a lasting “cultural fabric” for this area; the Annapolis Royal 2017 Celebration Tartan is inspired by the seasonal colours of the North Mountain, the Annapolis River and Bay of Fundy, as well as our lush green landscapes, lupines and red soil.
It is celebratory, and modern, with a nod to history and place,
but with a vision to a bright, shared future in the true home of
New Scotland in Canada.

This project is new, will create immediate local employment, and community pride. Through the creation of a new tourism product - and the chance to promote ourselves as the true home of New Scotland - we have an opportunity to give visitors a new reason to discover Annapolis Royal, beginning in 2017 (Canada's 150th birthday).

Tartan Wave will employ local artisans to produce “Made in Annapolis Royal” fashion, home, and bespoke items using the Annapolis Royal 2017 Celebration Tartan as its primary design material.

Ֆինանսավորված Annapolis, NS կողմից (January 2017)