NHS Healthy Schools Council's Breakfast Project

The general idea of the project is to promote the habit of eating a healthy breakfast. This campaign will take place throughout the year, and a lot of our events will be focused around this campaign.
An upcoming event, we have named ‘Bananas and Pyjamas’, will be held on Tuesday November 8th. Healthy Schools Council, which consists of approximately thirty-five students, will be collaborating with the newly formed Cooking Club to prepare a complimentary, healthy breakfast to students in the school.
The first two hundred students dressed in pyjamas will be served a yogurt, banana and a healthy breakfast loaf. This loaf will be made in collaboration with the Cooking Club and the Hospitality teacher. Students will also take part in a small survey designed to determine how many students at Newmarket High School eat a nutritious breakfast on a daily basis. From the data that is collected, Healthy Schools Council will design and organize additional events throughout the year that support this campaign’s purpose. The data will also help to inform what types of recipes students would like to see in the Cooking Club. The council is committed to continuing to survey the student body at future events and through Twitter polls on social media, to follow the progress. Through the influence of our project, we would hope to see an increase in the amount of students who make a habit of eating a healthy breakfast.
We will promote having at least one serving of fruits and/or vegetables within each breakfast. Healthy Schools Council will not only be following this guideline with the food being served at the Bananas and Pyjamas event, but also this guideline will be advertised through recipe cards given out.
Beyond this upcoming Bananas and Pyjamas event, Healthy Schools Council will continue to host events surrounding the campaign's purpose and advertise the benefits of consuming a healthy breakfast, daily.

Ֆինանսավորված Newmarket կողմից (November 2016)