Kaya'and Scapa's Garden

I have helped to build with small my own personal funds 40 gardens at the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Elder's program. Each garden is unique to the elder and their families and vary from heritage honor gardens to vegetable, and flower gardens for beauty and food. We are in a food desert and the population is low income so Kaya (our word for Grandma) and Scapa (our word for Grandpa) have gardens that serve to bring wholesome food, areas for grandchildren to explore, and spaces for therapy and healing.
I can provide articles from our Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Newspaper as for the last three years many articles have been written on this project.
I also have pictures, data (graphs etc.) about the growth in three years from 4 gardens in 2013 to 40 as of 2016.
I am out of personal funds as I spent $5,000 of my own funds over the last three years to establish the 40 gardens but need to get the earth built up with Moo Doo for next year's crops and flowers for our friends the bees.. I save seeds and we go to Seed swaps, so we have had seeds to get going in 2017.
The garden started with one woman who was in cancer treatment and cried a lot. I asked her what made her happy and she said a "flower garden. So I built her one and put a small fountain in it and bird feeders and lo and behold she was out there every sunny day. She also grew pumpkins and sunflowers for her grandchildren who gleefully caught frogs to observe and free and ate the bounty. Then her sister who was disabled wanted one so I built her a cherub garden (her choice) with roses, and then the neighbor who was wheel chair bound asked for one so I built him a pond garden with a grog spitter. Well the moccasin telegraph works here and now I have completed 40 gardens of varying sizes and am broke.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (January 2017)