NSSSA Regional Leadership Conference

L.I.F.T. U.P. 2016 is an overnight conference that takes place at St. Francis Xavier University in Anitgonish. It's open to all High School Students in the Strait Regional School board for a registration fee of $75. Our conferences focus on building leadership skills in youth through our awesome activities. This year our conference is called "Leadership Involving Fundamental Teamwork and Understanding Possibilities" as we will be focusing on themes of teamwork and planning ahead.

Our conferences have many different activities including skill building sessions, How-To sessions , a group leadership challenge, an hour with a motivational speaker, a dance, a talent show and high energy sessions

The core of our conference is in the skillbuilding sessions. Students in Antigonish and surrounding area will learn the key skills to becoming a leader including teamwork, problem solving, listening, organization, communication, personal leadership, and working under pressure. The sessions are comprised of 8-10 students and 2 experienced student facilitators. During our conference we have approximately eight one hour sessions, each with a different theme.

The How-To sessions are around 20-30 minutes long and range from how to get involved in extra curricular activities to how to end mental health stigma.
The group leadership activity teaches students to use both teamwork and problem solving while under pressure.

Almost everything for L.I.F.T. U.P. is planned and executed by high school students, with the exception of our Regional Teacher Advisor; Dawn Thompson, our regular advisors and our chaperone, logistics and first-aid team.

Ֆինանսավորված Antigonish, NS կողմից (October 2016)