The Little River Project #HappinessIsAwesome

Miami’s Little River is a habitat home to migrating bird species and a manatee breeding ground running through El Portal, a village where peacocks, native plants and a Tequesta ancient burial ground create a distinctly vibrant neighborhood.

Little River is also rapidly developing and attracting the attention of developers and businesses. A flood of new businesses, galleries, restaurants and cafes are beginning to transform the area. All this change will inevitably have significant impact not only on the residents living within the neighborhood but the Little River’s ecosystem as well.

The Little River Project will highlight the natural beauty, vulnerability and cultural heritage of the Little River, reimagining the world beneath the river through experimental film and music. The project will include the screening of a ‘work in progress’ of Zenú, a surreal short film shot on the Little River about a musician that embarks on a journey on the river, where he meets natives in a Gauguinesque scene and receives a gift from a shaman under the I-95 Bridge, An augmented reality sound installation with sounds capturing the river’s ecosystem will complement the film and a resource guide/map will be developed to promote local efforts to keep the river clean.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (October 2016)