Free Annual Halloween Marionette Show

For three nights leading up to Halloween every year I put on a free marionette show in the driveway of my house in Oakland California. A fully staged, traditional production, the marrionette performance has become very popular, with the street closed off and at least a thousand people in attendance over the night. It is a half hour show made up of various musical stories exploring cultural history, that is repeated the entire night.

I have done this for the past nine years and over that time I have worked with a team of professionals to help create my show. I have funded this project myself and in the recent couple years my funds have dwindled. I would like to continue performing the show with the 7 other puppeteers but need help. My personal budget has gotten to the point where a thousand dollars could make or break this project. This show has become a well known tradition throughout the Bay Area and I would like to continue doing it.

Here's some quotes from people who've seen my show -

We've been coming for about 4 or 5 years; it's one of the only can't-miss aspects of Halloween for us. -Amy Sullivan

Magic. Pure joy for little kids and big kids. I am in love with Jitters. Thanks for bringing true art and community to the hood! -Vanessa Hammack

World-class puppetry in Oakland! Thanks for doing this every year. -Russell Nelson

This show is quite possibly the greatest thing about Halloween. The puppetry is exquisite. A neighborhood treasure. This will be our third year attending. Looking forward to it! -Julie Adams

My 7 year old twins and I have attended each Halloween since they were 2 years old. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with the community. -Linda Young

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