Solve Education!

Most of the modern creations are coming from the economy based on knowledge. In a knowledge-based economy, we need knowledge, but it is difficult to attain knowledge without education.

Solve Education! (SE!) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to make high quality education accessible to everyone. Our target beneficiaries are people who do not have access to schools or quality education.

The 2016 UNESCO report shows that 263million children and youth are out of school. 100.8million of them live in Southern Asia. 62million of them live in conflict areas. (

On top of children and adolescents, there are also close to 800million adults who are illiterate. To add to the numbers, there are a significant number of children in school who are not receiving quality education, particularly in rural areas.

Using the current approach of building brick-and-mortar schools, it will cost an extra $40 billion to provide 12 years of education to everyone in low and lower-middle income countries. In recent years, the education aid funding from donor countries has decreased. (

With this challenge in mind, SE! aims to revolutionize the delivery of education through gamification and artificial intelligence. Leveraging on technology, SE! will be able to deliver quality education to everyone in low and lower-middle income countries in an extremely cost efficient way, in form of an education game that runs on low end android devices with intermittent internet connectivity.

SE! will be an open platform for content providers like universities, teachers, outsourcing companies to upload their content. The content will be fed into the games of the users, as they learn through playing. The game will be free to play for all users. The game is currently in the closed beta stage.

Ֆինանսավորված Singapore կողմից (September 2016)