Spaceness 2017

We are three artists that run a free, annual art event called SPACENESS.

Spaceness is a celebration of time, space, and "the unknown" through sculpture, performance, and experimental installation.

We take over the shady coastal Sou'Wester Lodge (near Astoria, OR) for one weekend each year. Last year over 200 people came out from Portland to participate in Spaceness, and this year we expect that number to double. Our audience ranges from toddlers to serious art critics, and our artists range from quirky outsiders to established career professionals.

We are quickly watching our event grow from a quirky experiment to a serious annual art event. We have always paid for the event out of pocket and this year we are getting serious about raising funds to PAY our artists for their time and materials.

Examples of past Spaceness projects:
- sculptural performance based work, where small packages of food wrapped in parachutes, were launched from a cannon - visitors had to run to catch their lunch
- a replica of the Monolith from 2011: A Space Odessey was installed mysteriously on the beach
- a geodesic dome filled with hammocks and inflatable hot tubs was provided for all visitors to use
- a dance interpretation of sci-fi classic Invasion of the Bodysnatchers was performed
- a cabin was transformed into a glowing dream portal
- a handpainted Roswell Crash Site Photo Booth was installed with a handmade alien crafted by a local puppet maker
- an artist held a roundtable reading of the play Macbeth as if written by Philipp K Dick
- and so on!

A special and magical community develops around this free/public event each year. Please help us make it even more magical in it's third season!


Ֆինանսավորված Portland, OR կողմից (October 2016)