Tap Dance Map of NYC

New York City has always been a nexus for dance. From classical to vernacular, the city has attracted and birthed some of the greatest dancers and most popular dances. New York has also been a city of change, with an active cycle of demolition and building. As the city's landscape changes many of the physical reminders of the where dance used to happen are removed. This is a particular challenge to the history of tap dance that has little institutional support. Normally the memory of the places remain with the people who experienced them, and only those they choose to share them with. We want to change that.

Thanks to the advent of augmented reality (think, Pokemon Go) we can create a virtual map of important places in New York City that will illuminate the history of tap dance. Imagine being able to explore New York City and discover where tap dance used to live - the jazz clubs, rehearsal halls, and theaters. Users will be notified and delivered content (text, photographs, and videos) as they walk by historical locations. With this technology we can turn the entire city into a walking museum.

The Tap Legacy Foundation already has a partnership with Traces, an augmented reality platform and mobile app, but we need to build the map.

Instead of chasing Pokemon, we can be discovering, our history.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (August 2016)