Liverpool MakeFest 2016

Liverpool MakeFest is a festival celebrating all things 'makey' in the north-west, showcasing things people have made, projects people are working on, inventions, gadgets and hands-on activities including, coding, hacking workshops and demonstrations.

This year we have taken over and extra library floor, spilled outside and are hosting Mersey ComicCon during the festival, so expect to see stormtroopers, R2D2 units and Daleks rubbing shoulders with high-tech NERF shooting, virtual reality, robotics, drones, coding, 3D printing, arts and crafts, hacking and fun science in abundance. We have over 50 maker stands, workshops and demonstrations and a host of ComicCon stalls and Cosplay competitions to make the day the geekiest ever. We’re VERY excited!! Here’s what you can expect to see…

Daleks, Dr Who masks , Robbie the robot, R2D2
NERF shooting &Drones
Fun Science & Special effects
Hackspace projects
Virtual Reality & Sewing
Home-brewed computing
PCBs, Arduinos and electronics
MeArm, Ohbot and Mirobot
Future Tech Studio
Build a bug & Embroidery
Sound ceramics & Voice emulators
Sticker Critters, Tactile electronics & thought-bots
Digital film production and photography
Codebug, Geocraft, Minecraft workshops
3D printing & underwater robots
Microbits & Coding
RaspberryPi & Linux
Studio Schools and UTC stands
Midnight Polygon
Liverpool Astronomical Society & Girl Geeks
Interactive mirror displays

Mersey ComicCon stalls ranging from comics to jewellry to t-shirts and guests including Marvel’s Tim Quinn, and Starwars characters from the Empire Strikes back care of the Sentinel Squad...

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (June 2016)