'Roughly Speaking'

My 'Roughly Speaking 'project, the Nightscape series highlights some of the most vibrant accounts given by local homeless rough sleepers, specifically showcasing their unique interpretations of the city at night as recorded in my sessions held with rough sleepers at Liverpool’s Whitechapel Centre in spring 2016.

Liverpool’s homeless men and women have a distinctive connection with the landscape of the city. This relationship with the street provides them with a fascinating and unique perspective of the place and its people. With their stories being often overlooked, Roughly Speaking gives voice to some of the city’s most knowledgeable residents and provides a visual platform for them to promote their diverse experiences of city life. LightNight 2016 has agreed to exhibit my posers city-wide which will redesign our existing image of Liverpool by shining light on it from the unique perspective of a rough sleeper.

The posters will be displayed at multiple city centre locations for a two week period, and so everybody should get the chance to experience them. This project is being carried out by LJMU student Conal McGuire in partnership with one of Liverpool’s leading homeless support charities, The Whitechapel Centre, whose work helps individuals find a route out of homelessness and enables them to make a positive change to their lives. One of the key outcomes is to raise funds for the Whitechapel Centre to develop local homeless services, people are encouraged to donate direct on their website.

Please click on link to LightNight 2016 digital brochure which publicises 'Roughly Speaking' exhibition on 13 May 2016


Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (May 2016)