The Wonder Woman Bootcamp

The WWBC is a program aimed at self-empowering girls in Grades 5-8 to connect with their inner awesome. Run over 5 consecutive days in the school holidays, girls learn how to be their most awesome and gain tools for creating their own most awesome life. We love awesomeness!

During the course girls learn actual, practical, take-home skills they can use to become more confident, increase their self-belief and connect with others. We use workshops, role plays, art sessions and psychophysical techniques to explore concepts such as communication, mindfulness, body image, optimism, emotional resilience and maintaining healthy connections.

Two special features are the Physical and Personal Challenges. Day three involves a group trip out to the 1000 Steps track in the Dandenongs for a Physical Challenge in order to have girls connect with nature, their bodies, their minds and their peers.

The Personal Challenge creates an ongoing aspect to the program, making the effects more meaningful and long-term. It involves girls creating their own personal challenge based on their inner spark or passion. To help them implement their challenge in the months following the bootcamp, each participant connects with one of the trained teen mentors that assist on the bootcamp. These mentors also provide support in girls keeping up their positive practice once the bootcamp is over to ensure that the skills learnt are actually used rather than just enjoyed during a fun 5-day holiday program.

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (March 2016)