The Royals Parlour, is a Salon that will specialise in hair plaiting, Styling, selling hair products, pedicure, manicure, and make-up.
Our business will be unique because we will employ the hearing impaired women. I've noticed there's is inadequate support and a gap to employ women who have a hearing impairment. Therefore we intend to train the women in beauty and cosmetics and empower them in entrepreneurship. After training them for a period of about two years, I believe they would have gained enough experience to start their own business and we will help them through.
After which, we intend to get a different group of women who have a hearing impertinent and truism them.
Our Value Proposition to the customers is elegance, Beauty, Self-esteem, Time efficient, and convince( they can decide to have their hair done at the convince of their home, and it will accommodate for the kids and the males, they don't have go to different salons to do their hair.)
Our customer relationship strategy is free beauty tips, Member discounts, Membership cards which will enable our customers to have promotional discounts (for example; do five hair plaits and get one few hair do, or invite three customers and get one free), and also have a call agent that will call our current customers if they need any hair do or treatment.
Our Customer segments is ladies aged 13-45 years of age, kids of 5-12 years and lastly Males(no age restriction).

Ֆինանսավորված Lusaka կողմից (February 2016)