I am an artist designer residing in downtown Antigonish. I have much experience in the painting of murals and scenic art in the theatre. I have always enjoyed the mural painted by Kate Brown G.on the side wall of the former WONGS restaurant. The mural was painted 30 years ago and has become an iconic landmark on main st. It is is however in need of a face lift. There is permission from the current property owner,the Town of Antigonish and the artist to restore this delightful work of art. I would be supervising the ACALA group "views from the bench:first voice creativity collective".This is a very keen group of individuals who use creativity to learn new skills and thus achieve self-esteem by participating in projects like I am propsing. As this project would be in an extremely high profile location it fits their mandate perfectly.
Discussion has already taken place to either photograph or video daily to show the progression at high speed upon completion.
As a person on the "Main" daily,I have seen countless tourists take pics of this fading mural...think of the impact of fresh vibrant colours bringing this mural back to life. ..for visitors and town folk alike!
To insure the stability of the paint ,3 coats or UV protectant clear coat would be applied.As the first mural of its kind painted in the town,it has historic importance, so this will ensure the mural will be enjoyed for future generations and add to our growing list of murals in the downtown core.
Obviously work would not commenced until the spring.

Ֆինանսավորված Antigonish, NS կողմից (December 2015)