D.I.Y. Daughters

DIY Daughters is a biweekly workshop for women ages 16+ hosted at The Bridge in Miami, FL. the workshops cover everything from mechanics to plumbing to first aid. The main objective is to teach women skills that can help them to become more self sufficient in their daily lives.
The reason we make the workshops female only is to create an environment free from distraction and intimidation. All workshops will be hosted by women for women. Though we will host some co-ed segments that I believe will be fun and educational for everyone, like "how to gut a fish" or a knot tying class.
We want to create a new way of thinking where women feel like they can handle any situation that is thrown at them, because they can! With knowledge comes power and that's what we're about. D.I.Y.D. is as much a movement as it is a class. We want women to call upon themselves and feel like no field of work or education is out of their reach.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (December 2015)