Hang Tough Foundation

Our foundation was established by Michelle Hart and Janelle Irwin. These two women were connected by one common bond, children with cancer. We have an incredible vision for Tallahassee to provide a comprehensive approach to taking care of the entire family that has a child affected by a chronic or life altering illness in the Big Bend area. We are striving to be a physical, mental, and financial reprieve designed to provide resources, support, hope, and encouragement to our clients.

We were established in February of 2015 and recently received our 501(c)3 status. We have a board of seven members and 16 on our committee of advisers. It is a great group of people striving to provide more for the kids of Tallahassee.

Although we do not have a location yet, we are already visiting Tallahassee children upon diagnosis at Shands Children's Hospital and delivering care packages and resource packets to the families. We are making ourselves available for any questions and support. UF Health Shands social workers have agreed to formally refer any Tallahassee clientele to us. Each week, we highlight a Hang Tough Hero, a child fighting illness, on our facebook page!

Please visit our website for more details and how we were founded! It's a pretty incredible story! We are ready to impact our community and provide a refuge for families facing childhood illnesses and empowering them to "Hang Tough!"

Ֆինանսավորված Tallahassee, FL կողմից (September 2015)