Awesome Play Equipment for Yanaguana Garden!

Great cities have great downtowns, and great downtowns have great urban spaces. Hemisfair, the site of the 1968 World's Fair, is transforming into your urban oasis! The vision of the 21st Century Hemisfair, as developed with extensive input from the San Antonio community, is to create a series of awesome urban parks that are embraced by a vibrant and walkable neighborhood.

Over time, Hemisfair will become our gathering place for everything from a day with friends to the city's biggest celebrations. The park will be free to awesome! Hemisfair is already starting to schedule local non-profit programming so many agencies can continue to do their amazing work right here in our city. Farmer's markets, yoga, movies in the park and other park-sponsored programming will encourage park-goers to stay all day.

Yanaguana Garden, the first awesome phase of Hemisfair's redevelopment, is scheduled to open this fall. The park will be larger than 6 acres in size, over 4 of which will be dedicated parkland. The design theme for this park is "play from pre-K to gray". Originally, bond funds from the City of San Antonio were awarded to the Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation and designated to purchase play equipment for Yanaguana Garden; however, those funds have been redirected, thus leaving no funds to make that purchase. Research has revealed that play is not only fundamental to community-building, but it is also a powerful tool for cognitive development. The support of The Awesome Foundation will enable local San Antonians to interact with each other, play, and enjoy the park to the fullest.

Just imagine: you and your loved ones playing a game of bocce ball in the morning, grabbing something to eat for lunch in the park, enjoying a game of badminton or croquet in the afternoon, and relaxing on a park bench or taking a walk through the park as the sun sets. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Ֆինանսավորված San Antonio, TX կողմից (August 2015)