The world is a gallery.

I'm a photographer living and working in Denver. I shoot mostly cityscapes, still life, and commercial. I LOVE sharing my work with people - in fact I'd love to share it with everyone possible. I firmly believe that people should be surrounded by art consistently. Life is art, after all.

That's where this idea comes in. I'd like to print and frame 40 pieces of my work, and install them in random places around the city of Denver - and by random I mean RANDOM. Alleys, Buildings, Public Spaces, Establishments, Overpasses, Parks - anywhere that people exist. I would print and frame all of the works myself, and while for some spaces I would ask permission of the owners to hang the work, and some installations would be guerilla in style.

Think of the effect it would have on you to be presented with a contrasting or complementary scene while waiting at a busstop, or while on your bike commuting to work - It could serve as a small respite from and otherwise chaotic day.

Ֆինանսավորված Boulder, CO կողմից (March 2012)