Little Libraries London

Merging community outdoor swap boxes (as seen in Wortley Village) with a love of books, I want to build outdoor swap boxes for books along similar lines of the Little Free Library Project.
My plan is to have them built and installed with property owner consent and participation in poorer working class neighbourhoods in high pedestrian traffic areas (near schools).
The goals are:
1- To increase community engagement with fellow neighbours over a love of reading.
2- To get books into the hands of children who, for various reasons (financial, parents lacking ID, overdue fines, travel problems, etc) do not use our public library system on a regular basis.
3-Increase children's literacy rates and teach sharing with the community through a love of reading.
4- To upcycle used books and increase book swapping on a local level.

Ֆինանսավորված London, ON կողմից (November 2014)