ReFemme - Social Interruptions

As a newly formed artist activist team, we want to have ongoing “social interruptions” to bring attention to practices in our society that are absurd and unequal. In the same vein as Guerilla Girls or Banksy, we will use our performances, happenings, and humor to get the people of Miami to question the status quo. Miami, which seems to be the center of beauty obsession and plastic surgery, is the perfect place for these happenings. Whether it’s an anti-plastic surgery flash mob or posters with eye-opening facts about last name (surname) equality, we want to get our messages out to the public. The Stay Small poster campaign is a message to those with small breasts to not succumb to the ubiquitous breast enhancement surgery. The Not Chattel poster campaign reveals the origins of women changing their last names after marriage and encourages the public to re-think this sexist practice. Another interactive project is Beauty Box, which invites the public to enter our temporary tent during Basel or Fashion Week. Here, instead of giving beauty tips, we will point out all that is beautiful about them and then hand them a medal for being who they are. We also want to continue the Vanity Unfair flash mobs throughout Miami Beach and Miami, where our group appears with exaggerated “enhancements” made of balloons and giant wax lips to push the point of the absurdity of plastic surgery. As a team, we will execute these ideas for public display and interaction. We hope to interact with the public through our performances, happenings, and posters in Miami. Awesome Foundation will help this become a reality! This link is a sample of the Vanity Unfair exhibit and flash mobs:

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (June 2014)