Seen & Heard Film Festival - Melbourne

Seen & Heard is a festival for films that are made by women, i.e. the primary roles like writer, director, producer, cinematographer are filled by a woman. This is definitely not a festival just for women to attend, though - it is about balancing the representation of female-made art in this world and we encourage all people to attend!

So, S&H has been running in Sydney for the past five years and I have the exciting plan to bring it to Melbourne around April during a several week run (with maybe two nights a week). Most entries are artist-submitted, however we do source some of the films ourselves. I will be using some of the S&H Sydney's films but I also hope to do a special horror night in collaboration with some cool peeps from Tasmania who run a horror film festival there as well as source some films from quality international film festivals.

Not really sure what else you want to know about this cool little film festival, but I would very happy to answer any questions you have about it! A lot of the things I am still nutting out myself, so I answering any questions you have may actually aid myself!

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (February 2014)