The Leading Tone Foundation

Our name, "The Leading Tone Foundation", is derived from the name of the seventh scale degree of a major scale. A leading tone often leads into the start of a new scale, so just like a leading tone, we hope to lead a copious amount of people to a life of music and beauty.
The Leading Tone Foundation's project is focused on spread. My peers and I want to spread music to whomever we can. We focus on people who don't get the chance to experience music all the time or who have not yet even gotten the chance to be exposed to music. As musicians, every single person in our group understands how music has benefited each of us personally. With that being said, we all collectively volunteer to perform for free to change people's lives.
Our group is run by a board of six people, of which I am representing. Recently, we have performed at senior homes, schools, public parks, museums, and etc.; however, our methods aren't limited to performances. We accept donations to help to support fine arts programs in schools and to buy instruments/music for the underprivileged. We, as members, individually encourage and perpetuate the passion of music.
We think music begins at any age. Whether it is from a family, a friend, or even the media, music has, in some way, manifested itself into every person’s life. Music is a blessing, and we are here to be its ambassadors.
This is what The Leading Tone Foundation is about.

Ֆինանսավորված Plano, TX կողմից (March 2014)