Opera for kids: The Magic Flute

What is more awesome than opera? As a group of classically trained musicians, we are eager to share our love of music to a new audience! Opera is often received as boring, expensive, and hard to follow. By involving children and families in the production through opportunities that include helping to design the costumes and sets of the opera, informative workshops introducing children and their families to the magical world of opera, and in-school performances, we plan on bringing opera to the community. We offer discounts to local parent groups, donate tickets to I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder, a drop out prevention program, and offer group sales for in-school performances.
In December 2013, we will produce an abridged version of the widely known and well-loved opera, Mozart’s The Magic Flute sung in German with english dialog.
Through our collaboration with Tinker Art Studio, we will offer a series of free workshops to create a dragon head and a set design for the show. These workshops will happen in late October.

In an effort to directly and personally engage students, we are offering in-school visits by the team and some cast members for an “Intro to Opera” workshop. We will also hold a ten minute Q&A session with the cast at the end of each show.

Ֆինանսավորված Boulder, CO կողմից (November 2013)