The London Eye

Imagine soaring over the streets of London - what would you see? Historic buildings, beautiful parks, sun glinting off glass towers. The London Eye will capture the beauty of this city, allowing all Londoners to believe they can fly.

The London Eye is a camera-equipped flying robot that allows anyone to create super-hi resolution ariel movies of this fair city. When complete this remote-controlled robot will be capable of flying up to 3 metres in the air, capturing a view of London that no other ariel photography can provide. Unlike traditional ariel photography that views the city from hundreds of metres away, the London Eye captures an intimate, human view of the city, showing us the detail that would otherwise go unnoticed.

While traditional ariel photography involves renting a plane or fixed-wing glider and costs hundreds of dollars per trip, the London Eye uses an affordable, battery-powered, gyro-stabilized quad-copter that anyone can pilot.

The goal of this project is to make ariel photography accessible. When complete Londoners can book the London Eye and use it free of charge. All videos will live on freely-accessible website, promoting the beauty of London to the world.

To see what kind of footage the London Eye will be capable of, watch this video created using similar technology:

If selected to pitch to the Awesome London judges I will bring my London Eye 1.0 prototype, created for $20 using helium balloons and an old video camera. When you see what $20 can make, you won't believe what we could accomplish together with $1000.

The London Eye is more than a flying video camera, it is a flying public art installation which empowers Londoners to share their vision of the city with the world. With your support I will help Londoners believe they can fly, allowing their artistic visions take to the sky.

Ֆինանսավորված London, ON կողմից (October 2013)