Built In-Kind - Building a workshop

Built in-Kind is a social enterprise workshop that offers design, tool-use and construction skill classes to members of our community, with a particular focus on creating Trauma-Informed, welcoming and safe environments for people who may have experienced marginalisation and social disadvantage.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), state that the leading causes of global gender inequality are violence against women, and deaths during child-birth. Marginalization is reinforced by societal gendered norms. WHO states in their ‘RESPECT’ women, preventing violence against women report (2019) that initiatives that aim to disrupt these gendered norms, re-calibrating the balance of power in society, is instrumental to seeing this equity gap close.

Built In-Kind understands this enterprise to be the perfect opportunity to be part of a societal shift, a recalibration on ‘gendered norms’ – changing both how society as a whole understands the capacity of women, but also presents the opportunity to shape individuals understandings of their own capacity and abilities.
While this is true for women who experience violence, this is also true for many social groups who have experienced marginalisation.

Built In-Kind has partnered with social service experts, such as DV support workers, occupational therapists, disability support workers and indigenous knowledge holders to identify primary community groups that would benefit from our workshops, and the key outcomes these groups may be seeking. Examples of these needs include maintenance skills development (so that people are more likely to get their rental bonds back and a positive rental history), to meeting friends and networking with community, or to exercise creative expression and story-telling and sculpture.

Built In-Kind operates out of The Soap Factory – an amazing heritage building located in Mayfield East. It hosts a collective of 8 artisanal makers and fabricators.

Ֆինանսավորված Newcastle կողմից (April 2024)