Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart's pre-k program offers a free nature-based weekly program for underserved children (ages 3-5) and their families in San Antonio. The program meets once a week in monthly sessions (year-round). The group size is small (8 seats) in order to maintain a quality experience. The program is designed to each child's entire family including both parents and all siblings as to eliminate barriers in program participation and to create an opportunity to a shared family experience. Each session is two hours long and includes story time, a nature walk, and a process art activity. We also provide a healthy breakfast for both children and their families because we know nourishment is essential to learning and caregiving as well as a positive experience. The class is designed and lead by a master teacher (MEd level educator) and is accompanied by one to two Master Naturalist volunteers. To target underserved communities, we strategically market to neighborhoods and schools of low social-economic status. We track targeting by collecting demographic information at registration. We aim to maintain our current target of 75% of our participants being from a low income background, with 100% being non-white. For our pre-k program, we measure program impact through surveys which are conducted before and after participation and collect testimonials from individual participants to capture stories of impact. We also conduct collective case studies for academic research on equity and closing the nature gap.

We know that transportation can be a barrier to access nature and programming which is why Wild at Heart also offers Drop-in program to activate sites so that we can "bring nature" to underserved communities. We offer a one-time drop-in program at a different site location within San Antonio each month. Each program offers a high-quality nature-based activity. We have partnered with Parks and Rec and Haven for our Hope for Drop-In program.

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