Traveling Gypsy for Disabled

The Project is a very simple one that is to raise as much money and awareness for riding for the disabled centres around Australia as I can.
At the moment I am in Glenrowan Victoria rebuilding the Gypsy wagon so it is better suited and be more representable to the public. and the campaign that my self and my family are about to embark on the home wagon needs to be in top shape and easy for the horses to pull.

I am looking for help in making this dream come true. I am currently on a disability support pension and have very little funds to make this happen and to finish the wagon with but so far we have almost finished .

When we have finished the wagon we will start touring Victoria first then we will travel through each state and town spreading the word about the benefits of horses and how people can get involved in there local RDA Centre and al funds raised 100% will go to the local Centre for horse feed and any thing that mite improve and help provide the service for there clients.

With my Cab Wagonette Carriage 10% of money raised through rides will go to the local RDA Centre and if the town we travel through has no RDA then the nearest Centre will receive the funds.

At the end of the day this is Just a way to help make this world a better place for any and all disabled people .

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (October 2013)