Ipswich Interact- Jingle Bell Walk

The Ipswich Interact Club of Ipswich High School is a branch of Ipswich-Rowley Rotary. We are dedicated to the rotary model of "service above self" and strive to create and develop opportunities for high school leadership. Our club is the largest at Ipswich High School and it continues to grow, especially this school year. Every December, we put on the Jingle Bell Walk for the greater Ipswich community. The Jingle Bell Walk (JBW) is a fun holiday event that is accessible to many because a large part of it is free, but it is also our club's biggest fundraiser. The money from the JBW goes to club funding for a leadership camping retreat, a kiva microloan program, and a local charity of our choice. The JBW is student run with two co-chairs and a committee of thirteen dedicated high schoolers that starts planning for the event in August. In addition to involving students from the high school, we invited middle school students to help lead the parade from the wharf to town hall. This year we want to get more involved with Doyon and Winthrop's Early Act programs because they are our future Jingle Bell Walk leaders!

Each year we like to improve and add to the event. Last year, we added a string quartet of volunteer high school orchestra members. This year we want to add a holiday hayride around the Town Hall area.

Ֆինանսավորված Ipswich, MA կողմից (November 2023)