Musical Memories Springburn

Musical Memories Springburn involves weekly sessions of singing and gentle movement for 40+ people affected by various forms of Dementia and their carers- (domestic and professional) Our project has no pretence of being a choir, but we have lots of fun and mischief. We use our own songbook, which is a combination of Scottish songs and various songs of yesteryear. The favourite part of our Monday afternoon sessions is 'McNamara's Band', when lots of our visitors gently parade around our hall waving tambourines and maracas. The most common observation of visitors is the difference in the manner of our friends between arriving and when they leave, with beaming smiles..Our volunteer team (of 12) make no pretence of having expertise in any medical issues, but they certainly provide a tactful and WARM attitude. The average age of our volunteer team is around 75, including one 91 year old, who has a relaxing manner which is invaluable... We have 4 musicians and song leaders. We also have 3 kitchen ladies who produce welcoming snacks and a special mid session tea break. We have special''theme days'' when we decorate our hall appropriately - St Patrick's Day - American Day - Halloween, and other days. .Our team has undergone training sessions including hand massage and other topics, some of which were supplied by Alzheimer Scotland. Particularly in summertime we have an occasional 'away days'. This year they were a steam train journey and a barge cruise. These outings are expensive but invaluable..

We recently had our MSP and a senior Civil Servant visit our friends who attend to hear their thoughts on a Scottish Government review of services for people affected by dementia.
They also stayed for our afternoon session!! and joined in our Hokey Cokey!!

Ֆինանսավորված Glasgow կողմից (October 2023)