Medieval Myths and Magic

You are walking through a Medieval forest. As you travel, you pass a lake, hear birds singing, see several groups of musicians performing. This concert will set that scene. It includes music of nature, pieces from the time, and music based on legends of the Medieval era.

In this concert, tentatively on November 4, 2023, we will perform on flute, piano, soprano and alto recorders, piccolo, percussion, guitar, and voice, with musical styles ranging from Medieval plainchant, motets, and madrigals through Renaissance songs to counterpoint at the transition from the Renaissance to early Baroque music. We will, as referenced earlier, also be including music about Medieval legends, but this Pied Piper is from Harlem and Till Eulenspiegel pranks the audience in a march. We will also play two modern classical pieces using extended technique and several original pieces, including the premier of our new, experimental recorder piece mimicking the calls of loons on a lake.

Through our music we hope to entertain and educate, but also to directly support others. All proceeds from our concerts benefit local non-profits. This one will be benefiting the Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men's Chorus, whose purpose is “to create musical experiences that enrich [their] members, challenge homophobia, and expose new communities to [their] message of equality.” They are a safe, welcoming space for anyone in the LGBTQ community, including several youth members who were bullied and isolated in school.

Ֆինանսավորված Cass Clay կողմից (July 2023)