Piano! Push Play!

I will organize and execute a 2 week public installation of 5 pianos placed at various community spaces in downtown Portland. Our 5 locations are Pioneer Courthouse Square, PSU's Urban Plaza, PGE park, Salmon Fountain at the Waterfront and 13th and Burnside; the original location of Piano! Push Play!. During this period, July 22nd-August 2nd, the public will have access to these pianos from 9am-9pm to play for themselves and others. We will be having local artists paint each piano to go along with the essence of each specific location. I will also be curating one scheduled concert at each piano throughout this 2 week period that will include a variety of performers/groups that can highlight the diversity of piano music as well as showcase just how much magic a real piano can bring to a live music ensemble. At the end of the project each piano will be donated to students that can't afford their own instrument as well as community spaces that would love such a gift.
Continuing this project I now understand that almost everyone has a connection to the piano. Maybe they studied when they were younger, maybe someone in their family played, maybe there was one in the home growing up or perhaps they've just always wanted to learn to play themselves. Piano! Push Play! has shown me that when put into close proximity to someone playing this instrument everybody stops to listen and conventional ideas of who a piano music listener is go out the window. People of every style, means, age and attitude can't help but enjoy themselves during one of our concerts.

I am lucky enough to be able to play the piano and want to extend more performance opportunities to the larger musical community. Music only exists as it is somehow performed and for us pianists its a bit harder to play for others than most instrumentalists. I want to change that.

Ֆինանսավորված Portland, OR կողմից (August 2013)