Subway Sets

Subway Sets brings music from the NYC underground to rooftops around the city. I am bringing people together around a great experience, while also getting exposure for these amazing artists. They're used to playing in dingy subways and empty, unfriendly bars, so I think it would be really cool to bring them into a supportive, AWESOME environment.

My first week in NYC, I met an incredibly talented young musician named Robert Leslie ( I brought him onto a rooftop and watched him enthrall the crowd while having what he referred to as "the best night he'd had in forever".

I plan on making it a monthly event series for incredible people to enjoy a really fun experience. And eventually, the content will be crowdsourced; if you see something awesome in the subway, tweet @subwaysets and we'll get in touch with them to see if they're interested in performing!

I am very excited to approach this as a passion project, rather than needing to make money from it.

Ֆինանսավորված New York City, NY կողմից (July 2013)